Saturday, 22 July 2017

Saturday, with fur

Pekka here:
Moi! It appears that some Loyal Readers want to see us 'moggies', ie someone other than the burmese or the sphynxies. Now that's okay by me, provided I don't actually have to do anything as I am snuggling. I have the nickname 'Lapfungus' which is Not Very Nice. Luckily I am a very easy-going mancat.  With a nice smile. 


  1. Pekka, you are simply adorable! Ignore those rotten nicknames.

  2. WAIT A MINNIT!!!!

    "Lapfungus" is perjorative???


  3. If we unnerstand "lapfungus" right, it is one of our favorit things ta do. While we spend all night on, around, and next to TBT at night, we are asleep then.

    But when we are on TBTs lap we are more aware of him, and like that best.

  4. You make lapfungus sound like it's a bad thing...
    You kits and Aiti have a super weekend.

  5. Lapfungus! Oh dear. Pekka, you need to teach your human some manners. I know some humans who would LOVE to have a lap cat (including a human here whose lap is currently empty).

  6. Speaking totally objectively now, Pekka, my good ManCat: You look, well, ::shhhh:: drunk.

  7. THis time we googled before commenting that we don't get something ;) : Mom would love us to be more of a lapfungus, but well, who said that you can wish what you want?

    @Spitty It's summer in Finland, all amounts of alcoholic drinks at any time of the day are nothing to shhhhh about.

  8. Neutered males in sun shine are Natural Born Lapfungie.. You seem to be drunken from the bliss of the moment! :D

  9. Yesh. Easy-going, Red Neck Cat. What else could human hopes and needs???


  10. Movies rule! We love you guys best of all!

  11. You're so cute, Pikka, don't listen to those silly nicknames ! Purrs

  12. There's nothing wrong with being Lapfungus, Pekka.


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