Monday, 24 July 2017

Mirsku's Monday Musings

Mirsku here:
Sometimes a Finncat needs his personal space. I was quietly snoozing when company inevitably appeared. The bed got a little bit cozy.
I am a mancat who needs to let his belleh furs breathe. This is better.
 But even here I get disturbed. A swift hug should banish this irritation. 
 Not another one! *sigh* 


  1. MOL! My human can totally relate, Mirsku. I'm the only one in the house, feline or human, who is always allowed to invade her space at any time.

  2. How about some PROPER company, eh big boy?

    *hubba hubba*

    xx May Ling

  3. Mirsku, You are so adorable I could eat you right up! (In cas eyou were even wondering, that was the HUMAN--*I* am no cannibal!)

    A true interspecies commune y'all got going on there.

  4. Wow! You poor Finnish man, longing for his own personal space!! You've a really hard time!

  5. Your belly seems to be a magnet of popularity! :D

  6. Mirsku--you poor fellah! But your fur looks so inviting!


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